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5914 Canal Blvd

New Orleans, LA 

  • What should I expect on my first visit?
    The setting at LPC is traditional but the people are casual in their style. You can expect to see people visiting with one another before the service begins. If you come through the front door, you will meet some members, receive a bulletin, and be invited to find your way to a seat of your choosing. Because of the continuing pandemic, protocols vary depending on the guidance from the city about safe gathering practices. People remain in their places during worship. Following the service, folks again visit, sometimes adjourning to the Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation.
  • What time do I arrive?
    Our service begins at 10:30 am so it is easiest to arrive at least 10 minutes before that. Though, some folks walk in after things have begun and that is okay.
  • Where should I park?
    Just 2 blocks from I-610, on the tree-line Canal Boulevard in the Lakeview neighborhood, Lakeview is easily accessible from all over the city. The parking lot is accessible from both Brooks Street and from Louis XIV.
  • Where do I enter the building?
    On Sundays, you can enter one of two ways. Either come in from the parking lot at the glassed entrance and walk through the hallway to the sanctuary or walk around and enter the sanctuary directly off of Canal Boulevard.
  • Who will greet me?
    There is always a member of the church in the front vestibule to greet you.
  • Is the church handicap accessible?
    Yes, we are handicap accessible with handicap parking in parking lot.
  • What should I wear when I visit?
    Most people come in casual attire, but you can come in any attire that you would like.
  • How big is the church?
    The number of folks present on a Sunday varies but we average around 45 in person and 15 online.
  • What is the worship style at Lakeview?
    Our worship style is what some might call “traditional.” We sing out of the hymnal to piano accompaniment. The pastor preaches a sermon. Litanies are included in the bulletin. And we read and reference scripture throughout the service. We follow the liturgical calendar but we adapt it as we strive to be creative in our worship.
  • Can a visitor take communion?
    Lakeview Presbyterian Church practices what is called ‘open communion,’ which means anyone who puts their trust in Jesus Christ, or seeks to know him better, is welcome at the table.
  • Do I have to give money?
    No. You should feel no obligation to give unless you wish to. It’s far more important to us that you feel welcome.
  • Is childcare available?
    At this time, child care is not being offered during our worship service, but that is coming soon. Children are also welcome and encouraged to attend the service!
  • Can I get married in the sanctuary?
    Please contact the church office at to initiate a request for the use of the sanctuary.
  • What should I do if I have more questions?
    Contact the pastor at
  • How do I join the church?
    Let the pastor know of your interest. Once someone has expressed interest, the pastor will set up a time of teaching around the meaning of membership in a PC(USA) church. After that, those who will be joining meet with the session of the church to be received into membership.
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