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This summer, through the Lakeview Agape Mission Project (LAMP), we hosted nearly 100 youth and leaders, from churches around the United States as they gave a week of their time to serving local people and non-profits in and around New Orleans. Their tireless work was an inspiration to all those who witnessed their energy, their compassion, and their smiling faces.

We thank all of those who came to work alongside many in our community, and we invite others who are interested to check out more information on the LAMP page on our website.


Upcoming Events

Sunday December 4th

9:00 am - Prayer Group

9:15 am - Adult Sunday School

10:00 am - Choir Rehearsal

10:30 am - Worship Service

11:30 am - Coffee Fellowship

1:00 pm - NLPC Worship Service

Monday December 5th

7:00 pm - Troop #150 Scout Meeting

Tuesday December 6th

6:00 pm - LPCNO Session Meeting

Wednesday December 7th

7:00 pm - Adult Choir Rehearsal

Thursday December 8th

7:00 pm - Men's AA Group Meeting

8:00 pm - NLPC Worship Service

Friday December 9th

Saturday December 10th

8:00 am to 1:00 pm - FOP Pancake Breakfast

9:00 am - Christmas Food Baskets Assembly

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