Volunteer Opportunities


Our fellowship committee is a tireless group of members, who make church a lot more fun!  Whether it’s the annual church picnic, the Easter morning breakfast, Dinners with Friends get-togethers, or simply arranging for someone to sign up to bring donuts (and other goodies) for fellowship time after church, these folks bring warmth, smiles, and delicious food to all of our church gatherings.

Prayer Chain:

“The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” – James 5: 16  There will be a time when each of us is in need of the love, support, and prayers of those surrounding us.  During the most trying times, members of our prayer chain will hold you and those you love close through the power of prayer.

Christian Education:

Sunday school is a time for growth, a time for reflection, a time for discussion, and a time for learning, and no one knows that better than our Christian education committee.  This group works tirelessly to find curricula for our children and youth Sunday school.  They strive to find the most engaging, excited teachers to spend Sunday morning with these budding Christians.  They teach Sunday school, they plan the Advent craft workshop and summer session and even Bible school.  The aim is to provide a place where children can delight in learning about themselves and their world through Bible stories, song, crafts, and many other activities.

Worship Committee:

“Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing.” – Psalm 100:2.

The worship committee is a talented group focused on bringing life and creativity to worship, while still preserving our traditional worship style.  Through song, liturgical art, interactive prayer, and readings, the worship committee seeks to create a God-centered, fulfilling, and stimulating worship experience.

While not a prerequisite for involvement, many members of the worship committee are annual attendees of the Montreat Music and Worship, where the get ideas and see these ideas put into action during the daily worship services at the retreat.  The worship committee warmly invites our entire church family to consider coming to Montreat so they can experience this amazing worship experience.

Outreach and Involvement:

The outreach and involvement committee is centered on helping our members get involved both in the community and in the life of our church.  They see to it that members are seeing the full benefit of being a part of our church community, whether it’s through mission, through being a part of the worship service, or through holding a leadership position.


If you’ve been to one of our worship services, then you’ve certainly seen some of the children in our church participate in the worship service by lighting the candles and pouring water into our baptismal font.  We feel that it is important to engage children in worship from an early age, and we would love for your children to participate.  Parents of children interested in participating should contact the church office for more information.