Children/Youth Involvement

We LOVE our LPC kiddos!  We can’t wait to have all of our Youth Opportunities back in full swing!   

Please contact the church office for current online activities that are taking place and remember, we welcome children into worship every Sunday at 10:30!

And we LOVE to see them involved in so many ways here at Lakeview! Here are some ways your children and youth can be involved!

Sunday school 

YAM (second Sunday of the month)

Handy Hands Krewe (most of our projects have a “kid friendly” element, and we are delighted to have our children and youth be a part of these important volunteer projects)

Holiday celebrations:


Gingerbread Breakfast with Santa: held in our fellowship hall, the first Sunday of December.

Christmas pageant, held the last Sunday of Advent

Easter: Our annual Easter Egg hunt on the playground lawn, held Palm Sunday

Halloween: “Trunk – or – Treat” for the Lakeview neighborhood and LPC week day school