Bible Study/Christian Education

Children’s Class:

Our children’s Sunday School is during the second half of our church service.  After attending the first portion of the worship service, children are excused to study, through reading, art, games, and discussion, the same scriptures being read in the worship service.  Children in grades Pre-K 3 (potty trained)through kindergarten, and 1st  through 4th grade will meet in classrooms on the second floor of the church for their time together.  Children older than 4th grade are encouraged to remain in the worship service.

*Though children have Sunday school during the worship service, there is choir (and a movie) during the entire adult Sunday school time period.

Pastor’s Class:

Each Sunday morning, from 9:15 (or so) until 10:15, Barrett leads “News, Views, and Brews,” a Sunday school centered on some headlines (or less newsworthy events) from the previous week.  The group discusses their views, and the views held by other Christians, over a warm coffee brew.  The group meets in fellowship hall.

Library Class:

The “Library class” which meets in the library from 9:15-10:15 holds prayerful discussions, generally centered around a book chosen by the group. For information about the topic or book being discussed, please contact the church office.